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Private Lessons & Parties

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Private lessons and Parties

This unique flexible program is designed to fit your schedule and target your dance needs. Our private training is designed to meet the need of every dancer. All class session times and frequency is arranged between the instructor and clients. Classes can be taught in any form of dance including jazz, ballet, tap, & hip hop. We will also get you ready for your big event such as Cotillion, Quinceanera,  birthday celebrations and weddings.  Contact us to set up your special small group or private session.


  1. (60 min lesson)1 - 2 person, private lesson: $100.00

  2. (60 min lesson) 3-4 people Semi-Private lesson: $175.00

  3. Groups larger then 4 please contact for rates. 

  4. Payment for a lesson is due at the time the lesson is taken. 48 hour cancellation notice required, and cancellations must be made through the instructor.

  5. Less than a 48 hour cancellation will result in a 50% charge for all private lessons.

  6. Fees are applicable for each class taken, therefore small group or semi-private lesson fees may vary per the number of students at a given lesson.

Private Lessons & Parties : Arts Education
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